You know it well, the niggling background feeling of insecurity and pressure whenever you need to make important decisions that will have lasting consequences for yourself and your loved ones.

As an independent service provider I am here for these exact problems and advise people, their partners and families in crucial life changing decisions with regard to real estate, pensions and financial provision as well as international residential moves.

What all my clients have in common, is a need to quickly come to an assurance of having taken the correct decision and having a consistent approach to their particular situation. This assurance is essentially dependent on only a few but nevertheless important factors and I manage the whole decision making process through my own specially developed case by case methodology.

My clients thus have the decisive advantage of having both a supportive adviser and a co-ordinator by their side. Together with you, I am making sure that we determine the necessary course for the ideal realisation of all your existing desires and goals.


Real Estate A homebase in Life